How to Last Longer in Bed Exercises to make you Enjoy Sex

Premature ejaculation or PE is a condition in which a man will ejaculate within one minute of sex. The reason why men struggle to treat it is because when left uncontrolled, it puts their love lives at risk. To some extent, it can lead to a break-up or divorce.

What exactly is Premature

A study was carried out to ascertain the average time in which men could ejaculate and satisfy their women. It was discovered that men who are good in bed lasted for five and a half minutes before they could reach their point of no return. Can you hold it that long?

Well, this period may vary from one person to the other. Some people argue that it’s up to you to decide with your partner how long you should last in bed. But the truth is, if you’re not going to last long enough to satisfy her, you stand a chance of being cheated on.

How to last longer in bed exercises

The Treatment

First, before trying to treat premature ejaculation, you need to understand the different types of PE you’re dealing with. There are two types so far, namely primary PE and secondary PE. As you’d have guessed, the first case happens to you when you’ve always had this problem since you became sexually active. The second problem happens at some point in your life, after having a history of what could be termed as normal ejaculation.

Doctors claim they can help you reverse this condition using some kind of drug or numbing cream. But these too are never effective. So the interesting and effective way to go is to embrace exercise.

The Following is an Explanation of Exercises meant to help you last longer in Bed

1) The stop-and-start technique

You need to practice this by yourself before revealing your intentions to your partner. You need to masturbate in a certain way, that is try bringing yourself closer to the point of no return and then stop.

It’s a fact that people have consistently argued of whether masturbation is good or not. Others argue based on a religious perspective. However, the bottom line is that you need a solution as an individual.

Now, after relaxing yourself, you should continue bringing yourself to orgasm until you hit that point. This exercise is meant to help you learn your point of no return. After you’ve mastered that point, you should engage in sexual activities that stop short of intercourse.

2) The squeeze technique

You can practice this technique by yourself, or you can ask your partner to assist you. Here, we’re focusing on gently squeezing the base of the penis (at the same point that the stop-and-start method would be used). You should let your partner do this when you’re at the brink of orgasm.

The point here is to try and reduce your erection or blood flow through gently squeezing. However, just as the stop-and-start method, it would be best to practice it alone first before inviting your partner to assist you. You still need to master your point of no return.

3) Kegel exercise

Kegel has been known to be one of the most effective natural treatments for premature ejaculation. The good thing is that it is not meant just for women — rather, it’s for all people who have the desire to strengthen their pubococcygeus(PC) muscles. When PC muscles are strong, they determine how long you should last in bed.

However, to do this exercise effectively, you need to listen to the exact location of this muscle. So you’d go to the bathroom, urinate and try seeing if you can stop the flow of urine at some point in the process. If you can stop it from flowing, then know that this is the work of your PC muscle.

Now, we’re going to learn to locate it so that you can feel its exact location without going to the bathroom this time round. Keep in mind that you should engage your PC muscle without involving your butts, thighs or abdominal (this is quite common with people who practice Kegel exercise – they want the easy way).

The above muscles must stay loose during a session of Kegel exercise for maximum effectiveness. To do it correctly, quickly clench and release your PC muscle for 10 seconds. You must do 3 sets of these (with 10 seconds break between each set).

So the idea is that if you’re able to train your PC muscles so that it’s possible to clench them (at will) when close to ejaculation, you can prevent PE, or dictate the time in which you should ejaculate.

4) Tantric Method

This technique is explorative and beyond physical pleasure that we’re all used to. Your partner can use these techniques to establish an intimate connection, and also your point of no return.

When you’re about to hit that point of no return, you should pull out, then contract your PC muscles before lowering down your chin to your chest. This will keep energy from rising too high, to the point of making you feel ungrounded.

Then you should deeply breath in, to feel the warmth of sexual energy going upwards your entire body. You can repeat this until the desire to ejaculate is no longer as urgent.

5) Deep Breathing

If you practice breathing deeply, you’ll be relieving yourself from arousal and tension that leads to PE. So you must avoid shallow, short breathing as this kind of breathing speeds up the heart beat.

To lay a good environment for this exercise, you can take your first 5 seconds breathing in deeply, holding for about 3 seconds and releasing for another 5 seconds.

In case you can do this for 5 minutes without breaking the pattern, you can use it to your advantage in bed. Then you should also learn to focus on your partner’s breathing to build that intimate connection.


To treat premature ejaculation and have a good time in bed, your treatment needs to combine good breathing with other exercises as mentioned above. Lloyd Lester’s two FREE special reports – Supercharging Ejaculatory Control and Unstoppable Stamina helps you a lot on exercise techniques. Kegel exercise is particularly beneficial to all men, so it shouldn’t let you down. You can even practice it when in the office, when walking or when doing other things. That’s the best part of it.