Why is it Better to last Longer in Bed? – Sexual Secrets every Man must Know

It is such a pity how our modern societies treat the issue of sex. Children grow up with the notion that there is something inherently dirty, distasteful, amoral and purely taboo about sex. Yet, latest by the teenage years, although all these negative conceptions of sex remain in the mind, the body starts to emit its very own uniquely unmistakable signals of sexual attraction. Due to the taboo status of sex in most contemporary societies however, these new longings in the young adult are hardly properly addressed.

This lack of proper sex education of the youth, leads to an adult population terribly lacking in understanding about their bodies, their feelings, emotional well-being and sex.

The truth is simple: sex is good for you, and the more sex you get, the better. Some of the numerous benefits of a healthy sex-life include:

– Sex is fun. You need fun in your life, the more, the better.

– Physical exercise tones the muscles and strengthens the joints, while at the same time helping you to burn calories. Research shows that about 150 calories are burned for every 30 minutes of sex, for both men and women. So, if you need to burn 300 calories daily, simply have an hour of sex everyday. It will keep you fit and trim. Men who do not last long, do not benefit from this.

– Regular sex promotes healthy levels of testosterone and estrogen which help to maintain a youthful appearance, and is good for the heart. The longer the sex, the stronger the orgasm and the more hormones released.

– Endorphins too, released during sex, help to improve the immune system.

– Having sex makes you feel good about yourself psychologically. You feel less shame, less tension and less guilty about sex, masturbation or the act of you being naked with another person. Moreover, the more regular or the longer you indulge in sexual activity, the more it increases your psychological well-being.

The need to last longer in Bed

On average, most men last for 5 minutes in bed. But, in a recent survey of 2,500 women concerning their sexuality, and how long they preferred or wished for sexual intercourse (that is from penetration to ejaculation of the male) to last, the results were as follows:

– Less than 1% responded that they preferred a maximum sexual-intercourse time of three minutes.

– About 20% responded that they preferred 10 minutes or less.

– Around 70% of the respondents desired at least 10 minutes

– The most common response was “15 to 25 minutes“

Obviously women desire for men to last in bed at least twice as long as the male average of five minutes. The reason for this desire has to do with the female sexual anatomy. But the lack of knowledge about the female sexual response cycle by both men and women alike, is due again, to the taboo status of sex in the society. If parents or the elderly could not talk openly to a young girl about her body and sexuality, then she too will grow up probably not discovering everything there is to know about herself. And because she lacks the knowledge of certain sexual issues, she will not be able to communicate properly to her partner or husband concerning her sexual desires in bed, the partner on the other hand will not get the chance to learn the underlying sexual nature of his woman. This reason has caused many men worldwide to be termed “insensitive” by their female partners. But when a man knows better about female sexuality, and the need to last longer in bed, he will now understand why he must put her satisfaction first, and try to last as long as he possibly can, until she has first been satisfied.

Women need more time to get aroused

Men have been likened to switches sexually. Just flip them, and they are either on, or off. Women, on the other hand, have been likened to knobs, you turn them slowly. This is a big problem for most people, once the man is ready to go, he thinks the woman too is as ready as he is. But, a good lover will take his time to properly arouse his woman first, and after penetration, will take it slowly first, so that the woman can heat-up. Many men just penetrate, thrust and thrust quickly, then ejaculate. This is wrong, you must take it slowly first to let her sexual excitement build, it takes time, so take your time, don’t rush.

Women can stay much longer in the Plateau phase

Another difference between men and women is what is known as the plateau phase. This is the period of sexual excitement just before orgasm. Most men will rush to orgasm and then leave their women “hanging”. And once a man has orgasmed, he enters the resolution stage, where he cools down, or where most men just become tired, then turn their backs on their partner and drift off to sleep. Women on the other hand can continue in this phase for a long time, as long as she continues to be stimulated sexually. She can reach orgasm and back to plateau and orgasm again and back to plateau, many times over. Many men don’t know this, because this is the way you give your woman multiple orgasms that she will not forget easily, all you need to do is to last longer in bed by thrusting a little longer.

Most women don’t orgasm from standard sex

There are many reports of women who have had sex for years, even for decades without having an orgasm. Many of the women were even married and lived with their husbands up till their 40s, but just could not orgasm. While there will be genetic and hormonal influences for some of these women, the majority of them simply lacked, or lack a good lover. A good lover understands the sexual response system of his woman, and the need to last longer in bed, so he takes his time to build up her excitement, and is patient to let her reach orgasm first, once or as many times as she wants, before thinking of his own orgasm. This is selfless loving, and it pays off handsomely.

Healthy Sexuality and Habits

Most human actions can become habits. Good sex and bad sex alike can become habits. Needless to say, any man who desires to keep a woman happy and maintain her as his partner or lover must not only be good at sex, but he must also try to make it a habit. This does not necessarily mean daily sex-marathons, but rather, that once in a while, you really need to prove to your woman that you can pleasure her for as long as she wants, and even beyond. Else, many women have been known to leave their men, husbands, boyfriends e.t.c or to sleep around, for the simple lack of sexual satisfaction.

Focusing on her Needs first

To focus on a woman’s emotional and sexual needs first might sound absurd to many men, but then, that will be because they do not know the joys to be had from a truly sexually and emotionally satisfied woman. Even the coldest of women, become warm and very grateful when they have been properly satisfied by a good man, who lasted in bed long enough to enable them reach their long desired heights of pleasure and emotional satisfaction. Satisfied women may show their gratitude in many ways including returning sexual favours, surprises, gifts, or falling in love. But no matter how they do show their gratitude, it is always worth it. Therefore it pays to last longer in bed, long enough to give her what she desires, so she can give you yours.

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