10 Best Tips / Ways to Last Longer in Bed

premature ejaculation problemsSome men have turned to modern medicine to help them with their performance in the bedroom. However, these drugs aren’t recommended for everyone. Then, there are organic supplements that also promise to help you attain better climaxes by increasing blood flow to your penis.

Unfortunately, these medicines have yet to be approved by the FDA. These products may have gone through several laboratory tests, but that’s not enough for those who are extremely careful about their health. There are great ways to last longer in bed, and it doesn’t have to be the blue pill otherwise known as Viagra.

If you’re looking for the best tips to last longer in bed, look into changing your diet and making improvements in your lifestyle. Eating junk doesn’t just put your health at risk, but it also decreases your ability to perform well in every aspect of your life. Then, look into your attitude. Are you stressed? Are you overworked?

The point here is that there’s a solution. So, don’t look so glum. Be a trooper and actively seek out the most effective solutions. In this day and age, you can get all the help you’ll ever need.

Tips to last longer between the sheets

A man takes pride in his ability to please his partner. If you see that you’re girlfriend is no longer satisfied, you somehow lose your mojo, your confidence.

It’s sad to go through life knowing that you’re half the man that you should have been. In truth, you can be all man. It’s a matter of being proactive with making changes. It’s time to think about incorporating new habits and changing a few things.
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These changes can and will make a big difference. There are ways to last longer in bed. Just take note of the following set of advice:

Tip 1: Eat foods that help you

Basically, this is all about eating right. Foods such as salmon, oysters, and asparagus are rich in nutrients that help increase blood flow to your penis and give you the stamina you need to last long. If you want that extra push, flavor your meals with honey, ginseng, or garlic because these are also known aphrodisiacs. You don’t believe this? Ask alternative medicine practitioners because they can tell you that male supplements contain different components from the list of food mentioned above.

Tip 2: Learn to relax

relaxing is importantTry to keep stress at bay. This is especially difficult if you’re a workaholic, but then again, shouldn’t you take care of your needs above anything else? More importantly, it’s good to note that anxiety lowers your performance because your mind is busy thinking about everything else when you should be focusing on your partner right now. Learn to relax by meditating or hitting the gym.
Exercise is a very good outlet that allows you to release the tension building up inside you. And if you can, cut down on your work schedule. Try to stay within the work hours, and when the clock strikes 5, leave the office worries behind the moment you walk out of those glass doors. If this isn’t always possible, just make sure that you have a little bit of “me” time each week.

Tip 3: Enjoy the foreplay

This is all about going slow. Work on the foreplay and enjoy every moment that leads to the buildup. The moment you feel yourself losing control, take a step back and slow down. You can still make it romantic by telling your partner that you’re working on pleasuring her first. Give her more than hold back. Save your energy for the grand finale. You can bet that she’ll be seeing fireworks by then.

Tip 4: Think less and concentrate on what’s actually happening in front of you

overthinking is badTry not to overthink. Overthinking leads to stress. Thus, simply enjoy the moment and take things a step at a time. Don’t assume that you’re not doing enough. If there’s something bothering you, then ask your partner what needs to be done before you engage in the actual act. That way, things are already out in the open by the time you’re in bed. When it comes to sex, it’s all about living in the moment.

Tip 5: Take it one step at a time

Build it up slowly. The moment you know that you already have a handle on things, challenge yourself further by making the experience more intense the next time you engage in intercourse.

Tip 6: Learn Kegel

Do Kegel exercises. Not too many people know this, but yes, this exercise works for men as well. Try to think about holding your urine mid-flow, that’s when you tighten the muscles that help increase blood flow while giving you the ability to hold back ejaculation.

Tip 7: Know that sleep is important

Sleeping is importantGet enough rest. You’re unable to perform well if you lack sleep. So, get the shuteye you need every single night so that you also have the energy to last through any hectic day. This can be especially difficult if you’re a busy man, but never underestimate the power of a good night’s rest.

Tip 8: Invest in vitamins and supplements

Your body could shut down during sex because you don’t have the fuel you need for increased stamina. It could also be a health issue. Give your body that vitamin boost. If you need more, see a specialist who can recommend a good supplement for you.

Tip 9: Be confident

This is a tough piece of advice, but work on your self-image. You’ve got a lot to offer a woman. Know this and tell yourself this over and over each day. Look into your strengths and improve on your weaknesses. The effort eventually pays off because pretty soon, you’ll get to realize that you’re a man of substance.


Tip 10: Use Pelay Gel

Okay, so you might be wondering what this is. It’s time for you to get introduced to our newest innovation that’s helped a lot of men perform wonderfully in bed. This gel enhances and lengthens the whole sexual experience without sacrificing sensitivity. Other gels for premature ejaculation numb the whole skin. Hence, you don’t get to enjoy your time with your partner. Pelay Gel, on the other hand, is made from a water-based soluble that shouldn’t affect the skin on your penis. You can last longer, love sex more, and reclaim your manhood.

You can definitely improve your stamina with time, practice, and knowledge. More importantly, with the right kind of help such as Pelay Gel, you can last longer in bed. These tips will help you in more ways than one. You’ll also get to realize that you can get the best things in life so long as you have the weapon you need in your arsenal.
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