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What we have is access to FDA approved lab and we are using it for testing highly popular products around the internet. The thing is that most of popular products claim something which usually doesnt happen. Continue Reading

Over the last two years, Botox has emerged as one of the possible remedies for treating premature ejaculation (PE). This has been the result of a much-publicized study carried out researchers at the University of Tulane in 2014. This study found Botox to be effective for delaying ejaculation in rats. (Source: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/24774776)

In the study, male rats had Botox injected into their bulbospongiosus muscle. This muscle is located in the penis and controls erection, ejaculation and orgasm. The human penis contains an analogous muscle. When the rats were injected with Botox, the amount of time they took to ejaculate jumped from 6.5 minutes to 8.5 and 10 minutes (depending on the amount of Botox). Continue Reading

As we all know, drinking can often lead to sex. Sometimes imprudent and irresponsible sex. But does it lead to better sex? Can it help you last longer in bed? Well, even though your local liquor-seller will never admit it, it is NOT true. Judicious amounts of alcohol can even actually decrease time to ejaculation and help you last shorter. But don’t worry. There is a help out there. Continue Reading

Premature ejaculation is an embarrassing condition that affects many men. They suffer shame and feeling of inadequacy when they don’t satisfy their partners.

Though the real causes of premature ejaculation are not known, psychological and biological factors are known to play a key role in this condition. Often, one may wonder whether they will suffer from premature ejaculation. You find men below the age of 40 with a normal sexual life asking, “Will I last in bed longer in bed when I get older?” This is the initiation of psychological problems that manifest later in life. This doubt on their sexual performance is dangerous to their sex life. Let’s take a look at how this doubt may affect the sexual performance. Continue Reading

It is such a pity how our modern societies treat the issue of sex. Children grow up with the notion that there is something inherently dirty, distasteful, amoral and purely taboo about sex. Yet, latest by the teenage years, although all these negative conceptions of sex remain in the mind, the body starts to emit its very own uniquely unmistakable signals of sexual attraction. Due to the taboo status of sex in most contemporary societies however, these new longings in the young adult are hardly properly addressed. Continue Reading

Everybody wants to last longer in bed, but for some it is fair to say that this task is harder than it should be. You see, for a guy there can often be an issue around premature ejaculation with this bringing that intimate moment to a sudden, and rather conclusive, end. However, there are things that can be done to help the situation and one thing is to consider using certain positions that are going to make life so much easier. Continue Reading

Premature ejaculation is often highly embarrassing and humiliating for men. Seconds after sex begins, it comes to a disappointing end with a few breathless gasps and orgasmic spasms. Furthermore, men who don’t know how to last longer in bed deeply frustrate women sexually.

Premature ejaculation spoils any chance of a woman enjoying sex, let alone getting an orgasm. Despite this, women will never bring up the subject of premature ejaculation with their partner. Instead, they whine in hushed tones with their friends. Continue Reading

For men all around the world, sexual performance is both a sensitive matter and a prideful matter. Men like to know that their woman is being properly satisfied, and any insinuation that this is not the case can be hurtful and demeaning towards them. If it lasts long enough, intercourse is almost always an incredible experience for both partners, not to mention a joyful one as well. Continue Reading