When we talk about sex, there is one thing that always seems to attract attention-premature ejaculation. We all know that in sex one final goal of both partners involves is simple, to satisfy one another. However, man often has this idea that long lasting sex will cause more pleasure to women. Simply, they are wrong. Continue Reading

10 Frequently Asked Questions on Premature Ejaculation

1. What is premature ejaculation?

Sometimes, several men ejaculate before they or their colleague would like. If it happens rarely, it is probably not something to concern about. However, if you frequently ejaculate before you and your partner like, such as earlier than the intercourse commence or soon after that, you may have a disorder called premature ejaculation. Continue Reading

newrelationshipWhen the relationship first starts, everything’s all about wine and roses. But after a while, real life has to take over. You both need to get back to the routine you’re used to. Sure, the romance is still there, but somehow you forget to treat your partner the way he or she deserves to be treated. Your special someone is more than just your friend. You don’t have limitations with this person, but somehow, over time, you forget to work for what you had. It takes effort to make a relationship last. Ask any successful couple, and they’ll tell you that some days can be quite difficult. Continue Reading

Men have taken medications to delay orgasm and enhance sexual experience. If you are dealing with problems of premature ejaculation, then you are on the same boat as these men. Know how to prevent premature ejaculation in 5 minutes! Read below! Continue Reading

how to be good in bedHow can you please your woman in bed? Basically, how can you improve your sexual skills?

First of all, you know that you’re good in bed if you satisfy your girl all the time. However, if you suffer from a problem called premature ejaculation, then you know that you’re unable to do just that. Continue Reading

Man and sex together loveMen and sex – these two words should be synonymous with one another. If you’re a young, strapping man who loves women, you do understand how important sex is and how crucial it is to last long in sex. However, you need help when it comes to maintaining an erection long enough to please your woman. You just can’t perform the way you want to, and that takes a toll on your relationship. If you want to please your partner in every way possible, then it’s time to do something about it. Continue Reading

How to please woman and last longer in bedPremature ejaculation or PE is a serious issue. You ask yourself, “How can I last longer in bed and please my woman?” Some men choose to keep mum about it simply because they’re just too embarrassed to admit that they’re unable to please their partners in bed. Relationships have fallen apart because of this. While there’s more to a relationship than just sex, those in one can tell you that it’s still an important aspect in every partnership. Continue Reading