Can Alcohol Make You Last Longer in Bed? The Real Answer

As we all know, drinking can often lead to sex. Sometimes imprudent and irresponsible sex. But does it lead to better sex? Can it help you last longer in bed? Well, even though your local liquor-seller will never admit it, it is NOT true. Judicious amounts of alcohol can even actually decrease time to ejaculation and help you last shorter. But don’t worry. There is a help out there.

Even though alcohol does not help you last longer, on the market are hundreds of products claiming to help you with this problem. The only problem is to find out, what product is worth your time and money.

We are a small group of pharmaceutical experts and since we have an access to a US FDA approved lab, we decided to test few of the most popular Premature Ejaculation products.

We update the results constantly as we test new products. You can find the newest report here or at the table below also with the reviews from people who tried the products already.

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As the myth goes – beer can make any woman look beautiful.

Well, jokes aside, alcohol can play a very important role in the way your mind reacts to sex, helping you go on for longer. Here is why.

Alcohol gives you Confidence

Confident lovers are usually better lovers. And as we all know alcohol gives us more confidence in ourselves. (Remember all the foolhardy things that you have attempted when drunk?) This can have a huge impact on your sexual performance. You will last longer because you think you can.

Alcohol reduces your Inhibitions

Often sexual performance is affected greatly by our inhibitions and fears, sometimes even the fear of ejaculating too soon. A little alcohol in the bloodstream can however help you relax. This can lead to you going on for longer, in bed.

Alcohol Distracts you

One of the most commonly used techniques to put off ejaculation is thinking of something else. When one distracts the mind, it reduces the intensity of the moment and can postpone ejaculation. Alcohol has the same effect on the mind. It lowers your concentration so that the intensity of the feeling in your mind is reduced.


Though the mind is important in determining the length of your sexual performance, the role of the body is crucial. It is your body which reacts to stimulation and ejaculates. Alcohol, drunk in moderation can actually help the body last longer during sex. Let us see how.

Reduces Blood Flow

Alcohol reduces the amount of blood that reaches your penis. Which means that if you drink too much, you may find it difficult to get an erection. And there’s no need to tell you how big a disaster that would be. But when you have taken just a few drinks, it would just delay your ejaculation. Another danger – some men may find it difficult to reach orgasm.

Dehydrates the Body

This can be a bad thing. But a little dehydration can actually make it far more difficult for you to ejaculate. However, be careful. Severe dehydration can actually reduce your sex drive as well as make you sick.

Reduces Sensation

Doctors and sexologists have known for a long time that reduced sensation in your penis can make you last longer. That is why, sensation reducing gels and medicines are often used as cure for premature ejaculation. Now, alcohol also has the same effect on your penis. The slightly numbing effect of alcohol can help you go on for longer,


Yes. And no. Yes, because we have already seen how it can help you last longer during sex. And which man doesn’t want that. And no because there are many other means of prolonging your sexual performance. Among all this, alcohol is the least dependable. So it could betray you the day (or more usually night) when you want it to work the most.

There’s another reason you should be wary about using alcohol for sex. Too much alcohol could make it impossible for you to have sex. Too many drinks and you might not be able to get it up!

The challenge is to find the right amount of alcohol you need and limit yourself to it.


Actually, there is no correct answer to this question. It will all depend on your body weight, metabolic rate, alcohol resistance and a host of other factors. Even what you ate and how much will play an important part.

To be on the safe side, play it on the safe side of caution. Do not drink too much. A couple of beers or a few drinks can make you a better lover. Too many will put you out of action.


A little bit of alcohol can add magic to an act of sex. It makes us social, make it easier to interact with the opposite sex. It can also help you relax and make you a better lover. Using alcohol as a tool to enhance performance, however is fraught with danger (read – wiki page – alcohol and sex).

If you need to be able to have sex longer, try other, healthier means. Eat better, exercise and maybe even try out some aphrodisiacs. Sex should not be another reason why you become dependent on alcohol.