Do Benzocaine Condoms Help You Last Longer?

For men all around the world, sexual performance is both a sensitive matter and a prideful matter. Men like to know that their woman is being properly satisfied, and any insinuation that this is not the case can be hurtful and demeaning towards them. If it lasts long enough, intercourse is almost always an incredible experience for both partners, not to mention a joyful one as well.

However, there is also the issue of potential pregnancy. For many young couples, getting pregnant is simply not a viable option at that point. Whether they are not married, not in a serious relationship, or simply don’t have the money to raise a child, the point is clear: there is no room for a child. But why should this prevent them from enjoying the pleasures of sexual intercourse? This is where condoms come in, to allow these couples the pleasure of sex, both not have to deal with unwanted pregnancy.

The goal of condoms is obvious, as they allow the couple to engage in the pleasures of intercourse while not allowing the woman to get pregnant (unless, of course, the condom is defective or broken altogether). But while this is generally the case, it still does not solve another dilemma that some men have: premature ejaculation. This issue diminishes the overall thrill of sex, and can leave his partner dissatisfied, which naturally embarrasses the man as well. So how can condoms serve as a birth control method, but also help prevent premature ejaculation? Some believe that the solution is using benzocaine condoms.

So what are benzocaine condoms? We have obviously covered what condoms are and their intended purpose, but what about benzocaine? Benzocaine is simply an anesthetic, although it is primarily used in a medical environment, most notably for activities like relieving ear pain and removing earwax. In essence, it is a substance that gives off a numbing sensation.

Naturally, this has an effect on condoms. Since benzocaine is a numbing substance, when placed on a condom, benzocaine helps to numb the man’s penis, which is intended to delay male ejaculation during sex. Basically, the belief is that if the man can not really “feel” his penis, then he will not ejaculate as soon. But though this sounds fine in theory, does it actually work? Let’s go over the positives and negative sides of using benzocaine condoms.


– The numbing sensation from the benzocaine does take effect, as the man will feel numbing in his penis a few seconds after putting the condom on. It is recommended that the man puts the condom on roughly 60 to 120 seconds before engaging in intercourse, so that the benzocaine can start to take effect.

– Some men who used these condoms had an incredible increase in longevity, although the experience may vary.

– The benzocaine is on the inside of the condom obviously, so it is not messy. Also, it doesn’t escape the condom, so it does not make it uncomfortable for the woman at all.


– The numbing is temporary, as after a few minutes, the benzocaine wears off. There is no set time; for some men, this happens after 15 minutes, for others it could be closer to an hour or more (Refer – Anorgasmy due to use of a Benzocaine condom). This can end up being an issue for the expected duration of intercourse.

– You have to wear the benzocaine condoms every time if you do like the way they work, since benzocaine does not stay in your system. That can be a hassle, and quite depressing for the man as well.

– The most alarming fact is that the benzocaine can and typically does dilute the pleasure for the man, especially during climax. If your penis is numb, then obviously you won’t feel the full thrill of intercourse that you normally would. This can be a major turnoff for most men, not to mention a serious disadvantage, as well as a false sense of hope.

Overall, benzocaine condoms have not shown any true benefits towards a man being able to satisfy his woman. Basically, a man shouldn’t use these condoms if he wants to satisfy his woman, and benzocaine does not help that. Multi angle approach is required to tackle the premature ejaculation menace and to last longer in bed.