Product FAQ

Q.: What does Pelay Gel and Pelay Applier look like?
A: They both look great. Photo of Pelay Gel here and Starter Package (Pelay gel+Pelay Applier) are found here! And as you can see, everything have been designed for easy application. They are also packed in luxury packages!

Q.: How much is in each bottle?
A.: Exactly 15 ml in each Pelay Gel bottle.

Q.: How many servings is in each bottle?
A.: About 40 servings easily

Q.: Is Pelay Gel safe?
A.: This is the safest product in this category. It’s been tested and experts found no negative side effects. In fact, we can produly tell you that we have the FDA stamp of approval. Other products cannot boast of the same thing.

Q.: What are Pelay Gel main ingredients?
A.: All of these ingredients are Active.
List of ingredients include:
Ilex paraguariensis leaf
Paullina cupana fruit
Humulus lupulus
Avena sativa
Product is FDA Approved, 100% Herbal and Safe!

Q.: Who can use it?
A.: Anyone who needs to enjoy longer sex. It comes with no age restrictions!

Q.:Is Lidocaine main ingredient?
A.: No!

Q: Why isn’t Lidocaine used, like other similar products?
A: Lidocaine is a known anesthetic that needs the approval of a doctor. If you put too much of this substance, it may affect sensitivity. How can you enjoy sex if you can’t feel the sensation? With skin contact, your partner may also be affected too. Sex won’t be enjoyable for both of you.

Q.: How much of gel should I put on my penis?
A.: Only a small dollop is needed. One drop, about the size of a pea.

Q.:How long should I use applier with Pelay Gel
A.: Pelay gel will be absorbed with Pelay Applier in just 4 minutes maximum.

Q.:How to use Pelay Applier effectively?
A.: Put a little bit of Pelay gel on your penis. Turn on the applier and spread the gel. You will soon feel a cofmortable heat as the applier makes use of vibrations to spead the gel.

Q.:How does Pelay work without the Applier?
A.: Pelay gel need a maximum of 10 minutes for fully absorb
Pelay gel with applier – 4 minutes max for fully absorb

Q.:How long can sex last with Pelay Gel?
A.: Up to 45 minutes easily

Q.: What about penis sensitivity?
A.: Results may vary in every individual but one thing is for sure, we guarantee better and longer sex. In fact, we can tell you that we’re better than any competitor.

Q.:Can I put too much gel on penis? Is it dangerous?
A.: No, thats not possible. Our product is made from water-based ingredients that are safe and gentle on the skin.

Q.:Any negative side effect?
A.: Nothing were found in our extensive reasearch

Q.: Do I need a doctor prescription to use Pelay Gel?
A.: No prescription needed.

Q.:How many times should I use Pelay Gel?
A.: Everytime you need to extend your sexual experience! It’s a matter of personal discretion.

Shipping FAQ

Q.: How much for shipping?
A.: FREE Standart International shipping.

Q.: Does the product come in discreet packaging?
A.: Yes, no one will know about your purchase, expect you.

No brand-name or product-name will appear on the shipping box or your credit card statement. That is our promise and guarantee!

Q.: When can I expect my discreet package?
A.: We will send your orders from center of Europe! No China! Only certified Pelay products!
USA and CANADA = 10-15 business days (usually much faster)
EUROPE = 5 business days
ASIA = 10-15 business days