How to Make Him Last Longer: Top 5 Expert Tips!

It’s no secret that most men make love like Kenyan marathon runners. Ideally, they have an easier time reaching orgasm unlike their women counterparts. This, among other sexual disorders is a common reason why most women are unsatisfied during sexual encounter. It is possible to help him finish the job through other means. Yet, there is a better solution to help him last longer in bed. Here is a quick rundown on how to make him last longer.

Encourage him to start slow

Let him aim for a single thrust after every few seconds. Gradually, he can take the game a notch higher and aim for a thrust every second. Encourage him to stop thrusting whenever he feels like he is going to come. He should wait for a few seconds, control himself and start it up once again.

Try to Reach Orgasm during Foreplay

Engaging in vigorous foreplay before sex can work magic in him. Have him or both of you reach orgasm during foreplay. This will help him relax and perform without fear of coming before his woman. Most guys take more time to “recharge” after ejaculation. This means you will have enough time to be satisfied with his initial thrusts before he gets in the mood to ejaculate again.

Foreplay activities differ from woman to woman. You could have him stimulate your clitoris and G-spot while touching or sucking your nipples. Try using sex toys if natural stimulation doesn’t work for your man.

Have him try Pelvic Floor Exercises

Kegels are popular exercises to help your man strengthen his pelvic floor muscles. Apart from making him last longer, these exercises will help treat premature ejaculation. Teach him how to do man Kegels, if he thinks they are some sort of breakfast. Help him locate the specific part of the Kegel muscles responsible for restricting urine flow. Train him on how to hold the muscles for a few seconds repeatedly each day to strengthen the muscles.

Distract and disrupt him regularly

Have him take his mind off sex whenever he feels like ejaculating. Disrupt him and have him withdraw his penis to prevent ejaculation. Track his rhythm and breathing during sex and ask him to stop moving whenever you notice a slight increase in his pace. Slowly introduce non-related topics to have him stop thinking about sex. Keep the conversation alive until he calms down before letting him into the mood once again. Repeat this process for as long as necessary until you reach orgasm.

Switch up positions

Avoid sticking to one position from the first thrust until you reach orgasm. Switching sex positions and trying different forms of stimulation can provide your man with continued arousal. You don’t have to wait for him to change the positions. Watch his thrusts and take charge whenever you see him increase his speed. Switch for positions that always get him off from ejaculating. For instance, try Girl-on-top style and observe whether this can delay him from ejaculating more quickly.

In Conclusion

There are various tips to make him last longer in bed. Whatever option you choose, remember you must put his mind at ease. Else, including these expert tips will help you up his stamina.