Last Longer in Bed Pills – The Hazard of PE Medication

Premature ejaculation is a terrible affliction, and one that affects between 20-30% of men at some point during their lives. Though this problem may be the most common sexual dysfunction among males, it’s also a problem that no man dares discuss, either with his partner, his friends or even his doctor, and for no better reason than the fact that premature ejaculation is an embarrassing ailment. It’s seen as a problem that makes the sufferer less of a man.

Reticence about discussing such an embarrassing problem with your loved ones or a medical profession is perfectly understandable, of course. As men we’re expected to be strong, self reliant and confident; admitting that we suffer from problems in the bedroom would strike at the very core of what it means to be a man, so it’s obvious why many men might prefer to keep their concerns to themselves rather than face the problem head on.

The Dangers of Silence

Unfortunately, the reluctance to discuss their problems with a professional can lead some men down a dangerous path; a path that not only leads to a continuation of their health issue, but can also put their health at serious risk.

In recent years the growing popularity of the Internet as a marketplace has seen the emergence of countless online pharmacies, at which customers can buy any number of drugs, medications and herbal treatments without the requirement to seek a prescription from a doctor. For the treatment of premature ejaculation that sounds like a dream come true. It seems to present men with the opportunity to get hold of the drugs they need to fix their problem, without having to suffer through the humiliation of speaking to a doctor in person.

What’s more, these pharmacies can supply much needed medications at often ridiculously low costs, and may even offer free delivery to sweeten the deal. How could there be any sort of downside?

The True Risks of PE Medication

As you’ve probably already guessed, premature ejaculation can’t be fixed by searching online for ‘last longer in bed pills’ and clicking through to the first pharmacy you find to load up on cheap drugs. In reality, these are just a few of the risks you’ll run by following this path:

1. Ineffective Medications

When buying PE medication the best you can reasonably hope for is that they will have no effect whatsoever. This may sound pessimistic, but it’s one of the most likely scenarios. Many premature ejaculation medications will market themselves as herbal, and most will boast that they include such proven ingredients as St. John’s Wort. In fact, St. John’s Wort actually is a proven medication… for depression. After centuries of study, trial and error a link to premature ejaculation has never been found.

Even legal, authorized medications produced and sold in the US may prove to be ineffective, as the burden of proof required for manufacturers to prove the efficacy of herbal treatments is extremely low. For some herbal treatments the only requirement for legal sale is to prove that the ‘medication’ isn’t unsafe for human consumption.

2. Harmful Ingredients

While an ineffective treatment may be the best case scenario, the worst is that your premature ejaculation medication will actually cause you harm. Since the sale of drugs is so tightly controlled in the western world, many if not most online pharmacies are based in developing nations such as India, where regulations are lax and manufacture isn’t so closely policed.

At best, the inclusion of such herbs as St. John’s Wort can have adverse effects on a person using any other medication. The herb is contraindicated for many prescription drugs, and it can actually block the effect of medications used to treat depression. At worst, unregulated drugs may be cut with anything from sawdust to hazardous chemicals. There is little or no oversight in the manufacture of these medications, and the ingredients listed on the box may not reflect what’s actually in the blister pack.

3. Expired Drugs

Finally, along with the risk of unsuitable ingredients comes the additional hazard of expired materials. Medical stocks sold by online pharmacies are often held for months or years in unsuitable conditions, and by the time you make your purchase they may be years out of date. While most of the time expired drugs simply become ineffective, many pharmaceutical ingredients can become hazardous after their use by date.

Conclusion? Not Worth the Risk

The upshot of these warnings is, of course, that premature ejaculation medication simply isn’t worth
the risk. In the best case scenario the medication will not be effective (no drugs marketed to PE patients have so far been clinically proven to work), and in the worst case scenario you’ll put your health at risk by taking medication that is unsafe for human consumption.

There are ways to beat the scourge of premature ejaculation, but however much you want to last longer in bed pills aren’t the answer.