Lasting longer in bed – Whose desire it is?

When we talk about sex, there is one thing that always seems to attract attention-premature ejaculation. We all know that in sex one final goal of both partners involves is simple, to satisfy one another. However, man often has this idea that long lasting sex will cause more pleasure to women. Simply, they are wrong.

Sex as it is can be divided to many parts, but to keep it simple we often like to divide it to three main parts. Fore play, sex itself and aftermath. Man often skips that first part, not knowing that the key to satisfying a woman lies exactly in it. The fore play is the core of sex and as such it requires much more attention than it usually gets. Longer the foreplay is, the longer is female satisfaction.

Tracking back on the original problem, premature ejaculation has been a problem since we know what sex is. Man are eager to impress woman, everything is set up, the candles, the roses, vine. They start to have sex and they climax within seconds. Familiar? If it is, be sure to read on.

Most of the cases of premature ejaculation are closely related to stress. When man tries too hard to impress woman in bed, he is constantly thinking about how does HE look and how does SHE feel.

Well, you see, that is the main problem. Overthinking.

When you are having sex, your main priority should be enjoyment and the connection you feel to the person you are sharing your intimate moment with. If you think too much about their enjoyment, you will soon forget about yours, and then everything you were trying to do will soon collapse.

Simply put, if you want them to enjoy, enjoy it yourself. There is no use of doing something that you will not be doing whole heartedly.

Another thing that will greatly affect your sexual life is communication with your partner. You cannot expect to feel free if you don’t have quality communication in bed. Everything comes from talking and discussing what you love and what you don’t exactly prefer. That will make things easier and less stressful when it finally comes to sex. The more you know your partner, easier it becomes to connect to him on sexual basis. There is nothing good old talk cannot solve, you just have to ask.

Then we come to the main point. Lasting longer in bed, is this male product or a secret fetish of all females. I have to say it’s neither of those. Everything depends on individual. If you really want to have long steamy sex, you cannot expect your partner to know about it without first telling him that.

You must be open and understanding when it comes to it.

Many woman even considers having sex for a long time to be impractical and monotonous, because man often trade quality for quantity, forgetting that sex should not be a marathon, but rather a trip both partners enjoy equally.

You should not constantly worry about timing and procedure, rather let yourself loose and go with a moment. Your lady will surely appreciate it.

Going back at foreplay, you will need to combine communication with your knowledge of partner and slowly prepare them for sex. Don’t take it as a chore, rather enjoy it and try to put yourself into it. Remember that the fore play will decide a lot when it comes to the sex itself. Woman usually tend to ease up during fore play, thus enjoying everything you have in mind, more and more as the fore play continues.

If you really think you have a big problem with not lasting as long as your lady would want you to, than you have some easy tips you should follow.

Firstly think of changing sex positions, since there are a lot of them, it shouldn’t be hard for you to find one that suits you and your partner perfectly, plus it is really a fun experience to try those positions with your partner. Another solution is one you will probably like the most, simply try to have sex more often. As it rises your testosterone level you will become more and more resistant to the urge of climaxing. If this doesn’t help you, you should try and health up your life a bit. Quit smoking, as it is leading cause of impotence and premature ejaculation among man, in addition to that, smoking also damages your blood vessels that are spread all around your penis tissue, so you will not have as hard erections you might have had if you weren’t smoking. Also start exercising, as it helps to increase your potency and sex drive, it also reduces stress, which is one of the biggest reasons why premature ejaculation occurs, and it enhance your testosterone levels by a great deal. There are also kegel exercises that helps you tighten up your pelvic muscle and enhance your erection by a great deal. To not enlist all of the details and methods you should try to follow, it is enough to say that you should try and live healthy life, because our sex life greatly reflects our everyday life.

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Before we conclude this article, it is good to mention that while most of the things stated here are true for most of us, there are always some of us who will want something entirely different, therefore we must go back to communication and emphasize how much of a meaning it is to our love life. It is always a good idea to talk with your partner before sex, but also sometimes it is good to surprise them with something they would not expect of you. Remember, not everything is in the length of sexual act, much more is in the quality of that same sexual act and in the connection you have with your partner. You should always find a way how to enjoy what you are currently doing, the same goes for sex. Don’t ever let yourself to be discouraged and always strive for more. That’s how life is, and that’s how sex is!