How to Snap out of Spermatorrhea and Really Last Longer in Bed

Many men around the world suffer from different male sexual health issues which include loss of libido, premature ejaculation, spermatorrhea and nocturnal emissions among others. This suffering makes them freak out when it comes to having sex. They have a pre-determined mindset that they cannot satisfy their women in bed. The following are tips to last longer in bed by understanding and addressing nerve weakness disorders which are spermatorrhea and premature ejaculation.

Comparison between Spermatorrhea and Premature ejaculation

Many men confuse the two medical terms and tend to assume that the two refer to the same health condition. The truth is that the two are closely related since in both cases, the man lacks control of releasing sperms(semen?) but they represent two conditions. Please note that spermatorrhea can cause premature ejaculation due to its psychological effects but premature ejaculation cannot cause spermatorrhea.

Spermatorrhea refers to a medical condition where a man ejaculates excessively or accidentally without experiencing the pleasure of an orgasm while premature ejaculation refers to a medical condition where a man engaging in a sexual activity reaches orgasm and ejaculates faster than he had hoped for.

Causes of Spermatorrhea

Musturbation is a prime cause of this health condition. Men who have engaged in excessive hand practice may suffer from spermatorrhea. The addiction may cause victims to uncontrollably emit seminal fluid anytime whether during the day or night. As a result of overindulgence in hand practice, the nerves that control ejaculatory mechanism become weak. The specific nerve that connects the brain and the reproductive system is referred to as parasympathetic nerve. When a man’s body is sexually sensitized especially by a woman’s touch, the parasympathetic nerve is stimulated and it triggers ejaculatory mechanism to go to work and release seminal fluid at the climax of a sexual activity. When the nerve is weak, there may be ejaculatory mechanism dysfunction leading to spermatorrhea or premature ejaculation.

Another cause responsible for the sexual health disorders such as this one is hormonal imbalance. If your body chemistry is disturbed due to hormonal imbalance, your body may lack enough energy to fuel sexual activity. Medical complications such as prostate disorder, infection / inflammation of sexual organs and thyroid problems among others may cause nervous system trauma and hence involuntary seminal fluid discharge.

Symptoms of Spermatorrhea

As already explained above, release of seminal fluid without orgasm or sexual intercourse is a major symptom of spermatorrhea. If you have other symptoms such as lack of energy, fatigue / exhaustion and over indulgence in sexual fantasies, feelings of discomfort when in social places you might be dealing with spermatorrhea.

How to Avoid Spermatorrhea

According to various studies, almost every man practices masturbation. Most of those who do not experience its negative effects do it few times a week. It is ok to enjoy the pleasures of hand practice 2 or 3 times a week. If you exceed this frequency to a point you do it every day, you might be dealing with addiction and you may experience negative effects of masturbation which in this case are spermatorrhea. To try and curb this condition, avoid hand practice

Many experts recommend changing your lifestyle as a way of curbing the sexual disorder. For instance you may work out for about 45 minutes in a day since men who exercise regularly rarely suffer from nerves weakness. Exercising your body also improves hormonal balance as well as blood circulation. As you change your lifestyle, remember to improve your diet to make it well-balanced. Your nervous system requires enough nutrients from food in order to function properly.

Treatment of Spermatorrhea

Many men who suffer from spermatorrhea are most likely to suffer from premature ejaculation too. This means that they may climax a minute or two after penetration. This is because the major causes of premature ejaculation are psychological. When the mind tells the body that it has involuntary seminal fluid discharge, the body fails to control ejaculatory mechanism and hence premature ejaculation. Moreover when most men are diagnosed with spermatorrhea they deal with feelings of stress, frustration and anxiety all which are threats to a satisfying sexual activity.

Tips to last longer in bed while dealing with such sexual disorders involve changing your mental attitude. Address all the social stressful issues. Make your woman understand your condition so that she can support you and while at it both of you will be able to develop a healing love relationship. You can also opt for professional counseling so that you can stop feeling ashamed and dealing with self-esteem issues.

Seeking professional assistance helps you to realize that there are many men who are dealing with spermatorrhea among other sexual disorders. Sometimes, treatment is easier when the patient stops concentrating on the sexual relationship and instead concentrates on treatment. You can choose to abstain from sex for a while and opt for other sources of affection. For some men, the healing process is faster when there is no pressure to perform sexually. With time, the man is completely healed and able to regain his sexual ability to satisfy his woman in bed.

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Treatment usually involves combination of psychotherapy, sex therapy and medications. If you have premature ejaculation as a result of spermatorrhea your physician will come up with a treatment plan that will address your neurological issues as well as the psychological issues.

There are many natural supplements that are said to treat spermatorrhea by improving hormonal balance and strengthening nervous system. It is important to seek advice from a professional before trying to use any herbal remedy, drugs or surgery. (Read about – The Hazard of PE Medication)

Your doctor may give you medication and advice you to abstain from sex, after some time of observing you, he / she may start psychotherapy to change your thinking to positivity and finally enroll you on sex therapy when you are well. Sex therapy teaches you ejaculation delaying techniques during sexual intercourse.

If you suspect that you are suffering from spermatorrhea, get out of your sexual fantasies and act now. Tips to stay longer in bed while suffering from this condition involve finding a good doctor to address the nerve disorder problem and prepare your mind for recovery. You will then be able to enjoy a fulfilling sexual life.