The Best Positions to Last Longer In Bed

Everybody wants to last longer in bed, but for some it is fair to say that this task is harder than it should be. You see, for a guy there can often be an issue around premature ejaculation with this bringing that intimate moment to a sudden, and rather conclusive, end. However, there are things that can be done to help the situation and one thing is to consider using certain positions that are going to make life so much easier.

How Positions Can Delay Ejaculation

First, we should perhaps explain how different positions can indeed delay ejaculation. You need to remember that certain parts of the penis are far more sensitive than others. For the majority of men it is the underside of the penis that is most sensitive, so it stands to reason that if a position is applying more pressure on that part, then there is an increased likelihood of there being an issue around ejaculation.

However, the opposite is also true in that positions that focus more on the top side of the penis, or even the side, will result in you being able to take control of that feeling and extend your performance quite considerably. In other words, ignore the bottom part of your penis and you will be fine.

The Surreptitious Female Rider Position

The surreptitious female rider position is one of the best ways to delay ejaculation for a man and the position is still rather enjoyable. All that is required is for the man to lie down flat on the bed and the woman to be on top. Of course you also get an amazing visual, but more than that it helps you to delay ejaculation in two key ways.

First, it means that your body can relax more as stress and tension in other positions can lead to a problem developing. Next, with her on top it gives her control over things and allows you to focus more on your pelvic muscle and being able to tighten it when you feel that you are getting closer to that orgasm. By simply doing this you will delay things quite considerably, but of course practice does indeed make perfect in this sense.

The Reversing Female Rider

The reversing female rider is another key position to help you delay ejaculation and, once again, it is still very enjoyable. The position is just the opposite of the previous position as the man is still flat on the bed and the woman is on top. However, the difference this time is that the woman faces away from the man.

The benefits with this position are the exact same in that the man can still be completely relaxed and focus purely on how aroused they are, while the woman can take control of things and still get the exact same amount of pleasure. There is also the simple fact that you can still tighten your pelvic muscle whenever you need to as well and there is no doubt that you will get used to the feeling of building things up and then controlling your orgasm.

So, if you want to last longer in bed, then those are two positions to get you started. As we said, focus on positions that put less pressure on the underside of the penis and work on that pelvic muscle control. By doing this, you will gain in confidence and discover new delights in sex that you may have thought were a thing of the past simply because of you suffering from premature ejaculation.