Why Women Hate Talking About Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is often highly embarrassing and humiliating for men. Seconds after sex begins, it comes to a disappointing end with a few breathless gasps and orgasmic spasms. Furthermore, men who don’t know how to last longer in bed deeply frustrate women sexually.

Premature ejaculation spoils any chance of a woman enjoying sex, let alone getting an orgasm. Despite this, women will never bring up the subject of premature ejaculation with their partner. Instead, they whine in hushed tones with their friends.

To complicate matters, majority of men do not seek help for the problem. This drives the relationship to disaster, and infidelity and divorce soon follow.

How women react to premature ejaculation

A woman will never bring up premature ejaculation for discussion with her partner. Instead, her attitude, feelings, and enthusiasm for the relationship quickly turn sour.

Her behavior towards you will progressively become negative or even hostile. This is driven by lack of sexual fulfillment, which is very frustrating for women. She will then react in these totally unexpected ways:

Sulking: This is a common tactic used by women when they do not want to talk about an embarrassing problem. She will sulk after sex, and insist there is nothing wrong.

Losing interest in sex: Once she realizes you are a premature ejaculator, a woman will quickly lose interest in sex. She will fend off your sexual advances, and give numerous excuses to avoid having sex.

Blaming non-existent issues: Since she does not want to address the real issue, a woman will invent other problems. She will claim you don’t understand her, or that you take her for granted. If you press her further, she will insist you just don’t understand what goes on in her mind.

Picking fights: Her sexual frustrations will make her pick unnecessary fights and arguments over nothing. This is because she is blaming you for her sexual dissatisfaction.

Lose respect for you: A man who cannot satisfy a woman sexually will rapidly lose any admiration and respect from his woman. Expect her to be rude, discourteous, and impatient with you.

Why women never discuss premature ejaculation

Women by nature hardly open up about sex with their partners. Sex is a deeply sensitive topic. Women are therefore very careful about what they say to men about it. This is the reason why majority of women fake orgasms.

Talking about premature ejaculation is an even greater taboo. A woman would rather be caught dead than discuss it. This is why:

It is embarrassing: Complaining about premature ejaculation can easily embarrass a man. Women know this and wisely avoid the subject. In fact, many women will lie and say everything is ok if you bring it up.

Your ego is at stake: Women are aware how important your ego is when it comes to sexual performance. Wounding a man’s ego is a dangerous thing, and women will never risk it.

She hopes you will change: She will silently pray that you find a solution, and hope that the problem is temporary.

She is cheating: A woman will abandon you or find another man to satisfy her sexually. Talking about the problem only makes you suspect her infidelity.

How to last longer in bed

Men can learn how to last longer in bed through various ways. They include Kegel exercises to strengthen PC muscles, or using topical sprays to desensitize the penis. Men can also use the stop and squeeze technique, as well as breathing tactics to delay orgasm.

Talking to your partner honestly while also seeking expert help, is the only way to reverse premature ejaculation.