Will i last last longer in bed when i get older? A psychological perspective of pre-mature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is an embarrassing condition that affects many men. They suffer shame and feeling of inadequacy when they don’t satisfy their partners.

Though the real causes of premature ejaculation are not known, psychological and biological factors are known to play a key role in this condition. Often, one may wonder whether they will suffer from premature ejaculation. You find men below the age of 40 with a normal sexual life asking, “Will I last in bed longer in bed when I get older?” This is the initiation of psychological problems that manifest later in life. This doubt on their sexual performance is dangerous to their sex life. Let’s take a look at how this doubt may affect the sexual performance.


Most patients who have premature ejaculation have a related anxiety disorder. This anxiety may have been initiated in early life due to fear of good performance in later life. Anxious youths create a link, where all causes of premature ejaculation converge. It initiates the psychological, biological, social and moral factors that lead to premature ejaculation in adult life. Anxiety has been shown to initiate stimulation in the brain where adrenergic stimulation is initiated and becomes dominant during sexual arousal. These neurotransmitters are known to interfere negatively with orgasm phases and this cause disorders such as premature ejaculation.


When you think you will have premature ejaculation, you create fear within yourself. Once you approach your partner, your mind will remind you of the fear that is within you. This will affect your performance. A man who does not fear that he will suffer from premature ejaculation will be confident of his performance. He will approach his partner without having anything challenging his sexual performance. He is guaranteed of good performance.

Negative emotions

Negative thoughts create negative emotions. What you think regularly becomes part of you. Your mind is tuned to fulfill your daily thoughts. This is derived from the law of attraction. The negative emotions on sexual performance will create the belief in you that you will definitely have premature ejaculation at a later age. You will, therefore, approach age 40 with this believe in your mind. You will be expecting to suffer from premature ejaculation. You will get it if you continue having these negative emotions.

Hyper attention

When in doubt of your performance, you might focus all of your attention to ejaculation during sex. You will be focusing on stimulation that can take you to point of no return. This creates a high sympathetic tone that is responsible for initiating ejaculation. This will be the reason you will have premature ejaculation. Hyper attention is a common thing to all doubting men. A confident man focuses on the sex pleasure and providing the best satisfaction of his partner. He is not just thinking of how he will ejaculate. He believes in full sexual pleasure.


Worry is another psychological element that will predispose you to premature ejaculation. You should not worry about your later sex life. Worry is a source of panic. It initiates a feeling of inability. When you worry about your ability to last longer, you will be glued to these thoughts and, therefore, lose trust in your sexual performance. Anytime you go to bed; the worrying thoughts will come, and this might create fear of performing. Worrying has been one of the greatest factors that have interfered with most couples sexual life.

Obsessive thoughts

Obsessive thoughts may trigger your mind to poor sexual performance and even premature ejaculation. You might be having friends who are over 40 years suffering from premature ejaculation. Some of these might be your close friends or even family members. You, therefore, think that you will find yourself in the same situation. You create obsessive thoughts when you constantly think that this will occur. The thoughts will destroy your self-confidence. You will be having a pre-ejaculation disorder “in waiting”. Such kind of thoughts should be avoided by all young adults who do not want to interfere with their sexual life. They should focus on their path rather than thinking on how they suffer like other men. Men who do not focus on poor performance will always be better in bed. The probability of having premature ejaculation is greatly reduced.

Sexual performance is both physical and emotional. The mind controls the highest percentage of the sexual pleasure. Controlling your mind by feeding it with positive thoughts will make your sexual life better. Thoughts such as “will I last longer in bed when I get older” are poisonous to our minds. They will destroy confidence and create doubt within us that we will not last longer. Every man who keeps these constant thoughts will have a high likelihood of suffering from premature ejaculation. We should build confidence in our sexual life. Let’s focus on making it better and enjoyable and keep all negative thoughts far away from ourselves.