Men and sex – these two words just seem to go together like peanut butter and jelly. Premature Ejaculation could ruin every aspect of happy sex life.

Most effective answer to how to last longer in bed is finally here!

passion timeIsn’t sex supposed to be enjoyable? Aren’t you supposed to be that man who can last for hours at a time in bed with your partner? What happened?

How to last longer in bed is serious question, but we have answer!

Premature ejaculation can be quite a debilitating problem. In fact, studies show that this is one of the most common problems for men under 40. You should be enjoying sex when you’re at your prime, but now, it’s something you dread. You can’t last long in bed and you’re just disappointed with the experience. You just can’t perform, and that takes a toll on your ego.

After all, don’t you want to be in a happy relationship, and admittedly, part of the success of any relationship is sex. For your woman to be fulfilled, you need to at least get her to the point of orgasm. Foreplay lasts for at least 10 minutes, which is the minimum time required by a woman to achieve fulfillment. Can you even last 5 minutes? With premature ejaculation, that’s hardly the case.

Don’t give up just yet because this isn’t the end of the world for you. There’s EASY solution and we are here to show you – how to last longer in bed with Pelay Gel!

The Important Facts You Need to Know

Give the Pelay Gel a try but before we get into detail, it’s time to say you 3 IMPORTANT FACTS:

FIRST FACT:Our product doesn’t use LIDOCAINE which is highly used in products in this category.  We are not using this substance that’s present in similar products, but we still managed to create the most effective product ever. How? You’ll soon find out.

SECOND IMPORTANT FACT: We Guarantee you LONGER sex time, but at the same time, we guarantee you that your sex will remain passionate as your orgams will be satisfying and enjoyable. Our RULE is – Not to affect the quality of sex! We’re just here to make it longer, to extend the experience for you! This is the most innovative desentizing gel of this century!

Third and LAST IMPORTANT FACT: This is the first time ever in the industry that we’ve offered something that makes it possible for you to enjoy LONGER SEX. In fact, you can feel it in less than 4 minutes . How?


FIRST FACT – NO LIDOCAINE SPRAY but still THE MOST EFFECTIVE STOP Premature Ejaculation Treatment on the Internet!

Lidocaine Dangerous
This term may seem unfamiliar to you. But first, check out the similar products out in the market and you’ll see this as a main ingredient of most of them.

Simply put, Lidocaine is an anesthetic. Hence, this serves to numb your senses. This component stabilizes the neural membrane found in your body by inhibiting ionic fluxes. Patches or injections are oftentimes used to numb the pain and aches. It also decreases the sensations felt throughout the body. When taken in large doses, this can actually be DEADLY. But more importantly, Lidocaine contains allergens and isn’t prescribed for application in sensitive areas.

Take note, your penis is made with just a thin and sensitive layer of skin. Can you imagine just how strong the product can be? It may numb you and may decrease feelings of sensation. How then can sex be enjoyable if you can’t feel anything?

Now you know why we don’t want to use it? And neither should you!  Almost all competitors’ core ingredient is lidocaine.

Control your premature ejaculation with Pelay Gel and avoid any failure in bed

Pelay Full PackageOur Pelay Gel comes with a unique and safe mixture that’s even more effective. It is a water-based gel that’s made from absolutely safe and highly tested hypoallergenic active ingredients. We made numerous tests and No Negative side effects were found.

Our active ingredients include: Ilex paraguariensis leaf, Paullina cupana fruit, Humulus lupulus, Avena sativa

You can even use the gel with or without condom.

In most other products, your female partner will get the same anesthetic effect because of bad core ingredients and its overall low quality. Nobody wants experience that. If you need to enjoy sex, so should your lady!


SECOND FACT – How to Last longer in bed and ENJOY EVERY MINUTE of your new SEX LIFE

We already talked about the active ingredients and we already talked about the gel form as well. Other products work mostly as a local anesthetic for your penis. (If you put too much, you will not get an erection and you will feel no sensation. If you don’t get an orgasm, then sex isn’t fun. NO ORGASM = UNFULFILLED SEX). Also, other products transfer the local anesthetic on your partner’s skin. So, she won’t feel anything too. You don’t want that right?
young couple having a great time

Pelay is different. Not your usual premature ejaculation delay spray or anesthetic cream. Our Gel is so gentle that it doesn’t hinder erection, even with large dosages! Also, we guarantee much, much LONGER Sex time. You will get the much-needed feelings of passion and love with every experience. Everything will be like usual, just a lot longer! Controlling  your ejaculation was never easier. That is, until Pelay.

As we said in the FIRST FACT, you don’t need to use Condom. You will get ability to control premature ejaculation but at same time, you will feel every good thing you deserve from the satisfying SEX.

We are making all these empty claims just to convince you. We are so confident that you will be blown away by Pelay. In fact, we are offering a Full Money Back Guarantee to all unsatisfied customers – click here.

Pelay Gel Vs. Other Products (Stud 100 desensitizing spray-cream, EMLA penis numbing cream, PrematureX etc…)

Pelay vs other products


THIRD FACT- Be ready to last longer in bed in 4 minutes with the Pelay Applier

Have the longest sex in your life and dive into action in just 4 minutes? With our Pelay applier, that’s possible. You don’t need to wait long for the gel to take effect. The applier makes use of special frequency vibrations with the technologically advanced heat-light functionality.

Without the Applier, our Pelay gel needs about 10 minutes before it starts to take effect. Still pretty impressive!

Why you need to choose Pelay

  • Pelay Gel is FDA and WORLDWIDE approved product!
  • It provides you with the ability to control ejaculation.
  • It comes with a fast-acting applier that provides impressive results within four minutes.
  • Pelay does not use a substance called Lidocaine, which has been highly questioned by experts because of the amount of allergens it contains.
  • It is safe to use and is hypoallergenic. In fact, this is a water-based formula that’s gentle on the most fragile skin on your body.
  • It provides maximum lubrication and Full Sexual Enjoyment. NO PROBLEMS WITH ERECTION!
  • The components found are completely safe and will not have any negative effects on you or your partner.
  • You don’t need a doctor’s prescription when you purchase Pelay because it is made from natural ingredients that have been carefully tested by experts and health professionals.
  • Pelay can be used either with or without a condom.
As we’ve said at the very beginning, this is your chance to Say goodbye to premature ejaculation. Enjoy longer sex after every application of Pelay Gel. That’s guaranteed! Now, is Pelay Gel discounted? Yes, and our offer lasts only this week, so don’t think twice and order now. And remember, we offer a Full Money Back Guarantee. So, you’ve got nothing to lose!

But Wait! That’s not all you get! You will receive the following digital eBook from us for FREE as a THANK YOU for buying Pelay Gel with or without Pelay Applier. (every order receive this BONUS from us!)

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