Who Should Use and Buy Spanish Fly Products? The Truth!

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This time we saw a big buzz around the aphrodisiac and libido booster products.

We decided to test the MOST POPULAR Spanish Fly Products, which claim to take your wife libido to the next level and make her crave for sex as never before! Is there any truth behind these statements? We have LABORATORY RESULTS (done in March 13 2018) in our hands and we are giving them to you for FREE here!

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Drugs are nothing new to human beings. While the full-scale War on Drugs may be a relatively recent phenomenon, you will find that people have been using these substances for millennia. Of course, there are many different kinds of drugs, and few of them are as sought-after as proper aphrodisiacs.

Some people use drugs to induce a state of euphoria; but what feeling is more blissful than when you are embracing your partner in the throes of hot passion? It is for this reason that people have always searched for aphrodisiacs: drugs and supplements that can help enhance the sexual experience.

Keep in mind that aphrodisiacs aren’t drugs in the conventional meaning of the word, as they rarely give you a high on their own; they are merely meant to be used in sexual situations. In fact, many aphrodisiacs are made of natural, herbal ingredients that are risk-free.

Over the course of today’s article, we are going to be looking at what the term “Spanish Fly” has referred to over the ages, and we will then look at its current incarnation. Since these words have been associated with several substances over the years, it is understandable that there is some confusion.

What was Spanish Fly?

The first thing that we’ll be taking a look at is what Spanish Fly used to be because that is necessary to understand just how far aphrodisiacs have come. Keep in mind that what we will be discussing in this section is now a banned substance that is illegal in many countries (and it is not the same as the modern variety).

Spanish Fly is named after the insect that the substance is sourced from, but it is not a fly. From here on out, we will refer to this form of Spanish Fly by its actual name, which is cantharidin. This toxin is secreted from the male blister beetle’s joints, and it is also given to females during mating.

There is speculation that this substance serves as a defense mechanism for the beetle, since it is capable of blistering organic material, giving this particular beetle its name. This blistering action is the reason that cantharidin used to be utilized as an aphrodisiac, as it irritated the urethral passage, causing an erection for men.

Of course, putting an irritant and toxic substance into your body is something that you don’t want to do, and it can have many adverse side-effects. It is for this reason that the reputation of Spanish Fly was tarnished, but we can’t stress enough that modern Spanish Fly formulae do not contain cantharidin in any form.

Some of the effects that you can experience when you use cantharidin can include increased heart rate, kidney damage, blood in urine, chest pain, and even possibly heart attacks.

There have been cases where people have died due to the ingestion of too much cantharidin. We cannot stress enough how important it is to avoid this form of Spanish Fly if at all possible. If you are looking for a safe aphrodisiac, you should opt for the newer herbal variations of the Spanish Fly drug.

What About Spanish Fly Today?

There are still many aphrodisiacs throughout the world that still use the Spanish Fly name due to simple recognition. Of course, this causes a few issues, as uninformed people will think that you are selling poison, and some disreputable vendors may actually sell that poison!

Since buying this aphrodisiac without the right knowledge can be dangerous, it helps to educate yourself before deciding to buy Spanish Fly. As we stated, Spanish Fly is the name of many different substances and drugs that are meant to improve sexual intercourse, so we can’t give you a definite list of ingredients.

Every manufacturer of this substance will use different ingredients in their formulae, but most of them contain naturally-occurring herbs and oils. As long as your aphrodisiac is approved by regulatory authorities, however, you can rest assured that it won’t be likely to affect you negatively.

Modern Spanish Fly vs. Cantharidin

Spanish Fly                                                                               Cantharidin
Herbal and entirely natural                                                  Harvested from Blister Beetles
Stimulates both men and women                                      Only useful for men
Legal and certified                                                                    Illegal toxic substance
Used in the present day                                                          Used hundreds to thousands of years ago

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Cantharidin in spanish fly green beetle

What Can Spanish Fly Do?

Modern Spanish Fly is formulated to help with a whole range of sexual issues, but the main problem that it can help with is low libido. If your sex drive has dropped, few known methods can match the effectiveness of Spanish Fly, as it will get you going right away.

A few drops of the Spanish Fly drink are more than enough to have you feeling revitalized and ready to give it another shot in the bedroom. If you often find yourself lacking sexual energy, this aphrodisiac can help you immensely.

There are many different forms of this aphrodisiac, and you will find that they have varying effects. Spanish Fly tablets have the benefit of being the easiest to consume (tied with Spanish Fly powder). On the other hand, it has been noted that Spanish Fly drops tend to have the most noticeable effect.

Other than helping you amplify your sex drive, Spanish Fly has the benefit of making the feeling of sex much more enjoyable. If you would like to increase your physical sensations while you are with your partner, you will find few more useful options than this substance.

Spanish Fly can make sex more pleasant in many ways; not only through improving the feelings that you experience. This substance makes it more likely that you will experience several orgasms during intercourse, even if you are male, as it can often eliminate the post-coital refractory period.

Who is Spanish Fly For?

Now that you know what Spanish Fly is in the first place, you may be wondering if it is suited for anyone in particular. And we would argue that nearly anyone can make use of this aphrodisiac. Older couples often find this substance ideal, however, due to it being able to heighten sex drive.

It is no secret that a healthy sex life is an integral part of a working relationship, and Spanish Fly can help improve or maintain that aspect of your partnership. As people get older, their sex drive can diminish, especially if they have lived an unhealthy life, and Spanish Fly can help with this.

Spanish Fly for women and men is equally effective for both genders, so you will have few issues using it regardless of your sex.

Other than older couples, Spanish Fly may be ideal with those who merely want to spice up their bedroom life. Nobody ever said that you need to have a problem to use Spanish Fly in the first place. If you want to have a little bit more fun in the bedroom, you can also make use of this substance.

Does Spanish Fly Work? Buy it or not?

Of course, the most important thing when it comes to an aphrodisiac is whether or not it actually works. If you have been searching for an aphrodisiac for any meaningful amount of time, you may have noticed that there are many phony products on the market that are little more than a waste of money.

One of the reasons for Spanish Fly being so popular is that it works much more often than many of the competing substances. If you want to make sure that your Spanish Fly will work, however, you will have to make sure that you are purchasing it from a certified seller who will not scam you.

There are few more efficient ways to ensure that you are getting proper Spanish Fly than by searching for a producer that has both FDA and MHRA approval. These two seals of approval will ensure that you are getting a natural product that contains no potentially dangerous substances.

It is also crucial to consider that everyone will have a different dosage when trying out Spanish Fly. Most users consume around five drops of the liquid around 15 minutes before intercourse. It is up to you whether you would like to start at five drops, or if you would want to test out a lower tolerance first.

If you have a higher body weight, you may need to use more Spanish Fly to feel an effect, as there is simply more mass to you. Like with many other substances, larger people will have to introduce a larger amount of Spanish Fly to their systems for it to have a noticeable enough effect.

As long as you follow our recommendations, and you are properly consuming your Spanish Fly, you should have no issues feeling the difference. Within 30 minutes of using Spanish Fly, you will begin to feel arousal and other feelings that amplify your sex drive.


We hope that we have been able to cover this topic in sufficient detail. Thank you for taking the time to read our article on Spanish Fly. There are far too many misconceptions about this product that we believe should be cleared up.

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