Desensitizing Creams: A Temporary Solution for Premature Ejaculation

Desensitizing creams are one of the most common, quick-fix solutions used by men to last longer in bed. They can be applied anytime, easily accessible and affordable but like other treatments, have their own share of side effects. Read on know how effective these creams are and if they are really an ideal treatment for premature ejaculation.

Desensitizing Creams: Why they are not a long-term solution

Desensitizing creams are topical applications that are formulated to reduce the sensitivity of the sexual organ to allow the user to perform longer before ejaculation. The cream is applied on the surface and is absorbed through the membranes and the glans penis. The active ingredients of most desensitizing creams include Benzocaine and Lidocaine. Others may contain herb-based ingredients such as L-arginine, Maca root and Yohimbine.

Desensitizing creams are a quick-fix for premature ejaculation because the effects last long enough for the user to perform normally in bed. Once the cream wears off, you are left with the same problem, which could be caused by a more serious underlying effect that needs to be cured. This is the bottom line: desensitizing creams are temporary, they are not a cure. You can apply them whenever you need to perform, but they will not become the solution to whatever is causing the premature ejaculation, which could be a mix of emotional, psychological, or physiological factors. (Refer here – Permanent Solution for Premature Ejaculation)

Benefits of Desensitizing Creams

Desensitizing creams are an immediate solution which makes them attractive to most men who are dealing with premature ejaculation but have not yet reached a decision on how to proceed with this problem. Most men use the creams because they just want to perform well in bed, give satisfaction to their partners, without having to worry about getting that cure or solution that usually takes time, money and countless visits to the doctor.

Aside from immediate effects, other benefits of desensitizing creams include:

Ease of application
Creams are easy to apply. You simply have to read the application instructions, rub it in prior to the sexual activity and you are good to go.

Only needed before having sex

Creams are only need before you have sex. This makes these creams extremely convenient and safe. There is no requirement to take something on a daily basis, which is usually what needs to be done when you are undergoing long term treatments.

Safe ingredients

Benzocaine and Lidocaine are the common ingredients of most PE creams. These are powerful ingredients that are generally safe for most people.

Ease of access

Desensitizing creams are also available in most drugstores and can be bought without a prescription.

Side Effects of Desensitizing Creams

Despite being an easily accessible quick fix, desensitizing creams have their share of side effects. For one, the wrong application could result to a stronger effect than intended and this could lead to numbing and the user could end up feeling nothing at all.

Decreased sensitivity to pleasure

There are some creams that effectively help the user maintain erection but they could also lead to loss of pleasure. Most men report of lasting longer in bed but they enjoyed the feeling less. In some cases, men who felt this also experienced weaker orgasms while others had trouble finishing altogether.


Because this is a topical cream, the effects could easily transfer to the partner with contact. Manufacturers usually put instructions on how long to wait after application before engaging in sexual intercourse in order to avoid this. Some creams should be applied 10 or 30 minutes before contact, for example. However, this method is not foolproof. This is the reason why although waiting for the right time is helpful, experts also recommend using a condom after application of the cream prior to sexual intercourse.

No scientific data about long-term side effects

While the active ingredients of most creams are generally considered safe, there are no scientific studies regarding the long term effects of prolonged use. Most products that are out on the market today have not been scientifically tested, from those that contain pharmaceutical-grade anesthetics to herbal remedies that provide the same results.

Burning and irritation

These reactions could occur in first-time users and in men who are extra sensitive to topical applications. Skin testing is advisable for those who have allergic reactions to creams and lotions. Incorrect application could also lead to burning and irritation especially when putting too much for the first time.

More than half of the male population experience premature ejaculation at one point or another. Others may be struggling with more severe forms of this problem, and may see desensitizing creams as the best solution they have. However, no matter how effective these creams are, they provide one-time results and should be regarded as temporary solutions that can be used in conjunction with more intensive, permanent solutions for premature ejaculation.

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